Need a Kitchen Consultant?

In such a fast paced and diverse industry, individuals that have great culinary ideas may require a bit of help to make those ideas become reality. Whether you are looking to open a new operation, grow your current operation, or restructure outdated organizational structures, a professional "second pair" of eyes helping recognize areas for improvement can be strategically beneficial. With over 14 years of culinary experience, of which six years was as a restaurant owning partner, Chef Coco has seen a multitude of industry successes and failures. In addition to a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University, Chef Coco also holds a Master's Degree in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development from Louisiana State University. With the education and industry experience possessed, the ability to help an organization to improve performance through professional development, program evaluation, systems analysis, and leadership enhancement comes naturally. Chef Coco can help to take your foodservice division or establishment to the next level.

Consulting services focus on, but are not limited to: foodservice technology, foodservice marketing, foodservice sales and operations, foodservice efficiency, recipe and menu development, foodservice pricing structures, development of human capital and providing tangible results to those that request consulting services. 

Jeremy Coco