Dinner Parties

When it comes to providing private dinners for any occasion, Chef Coco delivers. With this truly intimate approach to entertaining, it allows for a world of possibilities to create a special menu like no other. As our client, you decide the dinner party you want and the formality which you seek. No matter how informal or formal, your guests and the cuisine will always be of top priority. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the party.


Cocktail Parties

Whether you are enjoying the big game or anticipating the winner for best motion picture, cocktail parties are always fun. The part that is not so enjoyable is the food preparation, setup, replenishing, breakdown, and cleanup. Let Chef Coco help you plan whatever type of in home cocktail party you desire. Individuals may not remember that big game winner or best motion picture upset, but they will remember the food and cocktails they had while watching. Let's make sure they remember your dining event.


Cooking Classes

For those true "foodies" that consider themselves the unofficial chefs of their culinary worlds, this is the thing for you. What better place for you to learn to prepare top notch dishes than in the kitchen of your home? When you must recreate dishes learned away from home, you may not have the equipment needed. Learning at home puts the equipment you own in use to prepare the dishes you select. Never again will you be forced to sit silently wondering what certain food items are or stress about what you will prepare for that special someone. Chef Coco will work with you on the culinary basics needed to create food that suits your personal style. Learn to do fantastic dishes during these one-on-one sessions and then amaze your friends when you do it all solo for your next dinner soirée.


Many times, individuals wish to have a meal or party items prepared and delivered to them for the sake of convenience. Rather than selecting the standard pizza delivery or Chinese takeout, allow us to prepare and deliver a meal for you. Chef Coco can prepare and assemble platters of selected items and drop them off without any inconveniences. What better way to impress your partygoers than with a phenomenal meal focusing on the highest quality and service.