Jeremy Coco

Executive Chef Jeremy Coco has worked in many facets of the restaurant industry since 1998.  

As a Certified Executive Chef, he is a Certified Culinary Educator, Certified Culinary Administrator, and an Approved Culinary Evaluator with the American Culinary Federation. He also is certified as a Foodservice Management Professional through the National Restaurant Association. Chef Coco graduated Magna Cum Laude honors from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. He also received an undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and a degree is held from LSU's School of Human Resource and Workforce Development with a Master of Science with a concentration in Leadership, Consulting, Organizational Management, and Education

His restaurant training began while in school when he worked in the kitchen of Juban's Creole Cuisine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and for Roy Yamaguchi in the Denver, Colorado location of Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. After graduation, Chef Coco was Sous Chef for the International Marketplace at Casino Rouge and then Executive Chef for Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette, Louisiana. For five years, he was the Executive Chef/Partner for Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Baton Rouge and was also the Director of Culinary Operations & Training with Last In Concepts for a year prior to the company splitting into First In Enterprises and Walk-On's Enterprises. Finally, he was the Dean of Education at the Louisiana Culinary Institute for over eight years before becoming a true entrepreneur as owner of Chef Jeremy Coco Culinary Services.

Chef Coco has been part of many exciting events during his tenured career. He worked hand-in-hand with Chef Ming Tsai during the Food Network's "Bringing Back the Bayou" television special on Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Chef Coco has also had the pleasure of preparing meals for many notable individuals ranging from acclaimed artist Thomas Arvid, Chef John Besh, and Winemaker Jan Krupp to actress Jessica Simpson, actor Cuba Gooding, Jr, and former Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills quarterback - Kyle Orton.